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Answers to all those frequently asked questions! If you have a query please call 03 6234 7033 or email us.


What is a bond?

A security deposit or bond is an amount paid in advance and placed in trust while the tenant rents a property.  It is surety for the property owner in case a tenant leaves without notice and/or damages the property.  It shows that the tenant is serious about looking after the property and maintaining it throughout the tenancy. The bond is four week’s rent and is paid at the time the contract is signed and the tenant takes possession of the property. If the property is maintained, there are no repairs required and no rent is owed the bond is returned at the end of the lease.


How do I pay the bond?

To Service Tas with signed Bond Lodgement Form to be held by Rental Deposit Authority (RDA).


Do you accept bond from Colony 47?



How do I pay the rent?

At ANZ Bank using reference number provided, if you don't have this please call us 6282 8000.
Using online banking, please use the reference number provided, if you don't have this please call us 6282 8000.


Will the rent increase?

Rent can be increased every 12 months.


Water Meters, who pays?

Tenant will be responsible for water usage.


How often can the property manager carry out routine inspections?

Inspections are carried out after 4 weeks and then every 3 months.


What happens if I do not pay the agreed rent?

A basic obligation of a tenant is to pay the rent. If the rent is not paid by the agreed date, then the owner/ property manager will seek to end the tenancy.

The tenancy may be ended through one of the following alternatives:

Firstly, not less than one day after the rent should have been paid; the owner may issue a Breach Notice or Non Payment of Rent. This notice requires the tenant to pay all outstanding rent within 14 days.

If the rent remains unpaid, the owner may issue a Notice of Termination for Non Payment of Rent. This notice seeks to terminate the tenancy agreement and requires the tenant to leave the property within seven days.

Secondly, not less than one day after the rent should have been paid; the owner may issue a Notice of Termination for Non-Payment of Rent. The notice warns the tenant that unless the outstanding rent is paid within the next 7 days, the owner/ property manager may apply to the court for an order to terminate the tenancy agreement.


I’m having trouble paying the rent, what can I do?

Please talk to your property manager as soon as possible as our daily arrears system will note your non-payment and you'll be issued with warning letters and legal notices.

With the owner's consent we may be able to work out an arrears payment schedule. Remember we are here to help you so contact us straight away and don't delay the inevitable.


What is the residential tenancy act?

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 is an act adhered to in all states and territories of Australia. The Act is designed to regulate relationships that are fair and reasonable between owners and tenants. The Act is governed by parliament within each respective state and territory.


Can I withhold rent?

No. If the owner does not honour his/her obligations under the lease agreement, the tenant is not legally able to withhold rent.

The tenant may issue a Notice of Breach of Agreement (by Owner). If the situation is not fixed by the termination of the notice period, an application may be forced to lodge court proceedings for the owner to remedy the alleged breach.


The property I am renting is for sale. How much notice should the landlord / property manager give me for prospective buyers wishing to look through the property?

The property owner/agent must receive written permission from the tenant before holding an 'open home' for either sale or re-letting of the property.  All parties should agree on suitable times to show the property to prospective buyers or tenants. If a mutually acceptable time cannot be agreed the following provisions apply. An owner/agent may enter to show the property to potential purchasers:

if 48 hours written notice has been given; and
only once per day; and
no more than 5 days in any week; and
only between the hours of 8am and 6pm.


The property I am renting has now been sold. I have a fixed 12 month lease with 6 months still to run. What will happen to my lease?

A fixed term lease stays in place when a property is sold. As a tenant you have the right to remain in the property until the end of your lease. The new owner takes on the same lease rights and obligations as the previous owner.


Do I need contents insurance?

It is your responsibility to insure your own belongings and furniture. It is strongly recommended you take out contents insurance.


Can I break the lease prior to the end of the agreement?

We can assist you should you wish to break your tenancy agreement. The first step is to contact us via this site or phone: 6234 7033.
The following conditions will apply:

The tenant is responsible for and must pay rent until the property is re-let to a suitable tenant that is approved by the landlord and a binding agreement has been entered into with the new tenant or until the end of the tenancy agreement, whichever is sooner.

You will also be charged advertising pro rata of the actual costs expended by FALL REAL ESTATE in the process of securing a new tenant.


I’ve been broken into, what should I do?

First and foremost, contact the police immediately and then contact us providing us with the full details of the break in. We will require the report number (the police will give you this number) so that we can validate repairs to windows and doors etc. via the owner’s insurance or you will be held liable for the repairs/damage.

Please remember the landlord's insurances will not cover your own personal items. We strongly suggest that you take out home and contents insurance to cover you.


Can I put hooks on the wall for pictures?

You will need to contact your FALL REAL ESTATE property manager prior to making any alterations to the property, no matter how small you may think it is. We will let you know if it's possible once we have received the landlord’s consent. Usually landlords will agree to a reasonable number of hooks on a wall provided they're installed in a "tradesman-like manner”.

You will be fully responsible for any unauthorised alterations to the property no matter how small they are. We have a strict policy that all walls that have marks or damage to them will need to be totally repainted (no touch ups) by an approved professional painter.


If the property I am renting does not have door or window locks what can I do?

The Residential Tenancies Act suggests that the owner shall provide and maintain such locks or other devices as are necessary to ensure that the premises are reasonably secure.

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