We were comfortable with Kim from the moment we met her, and she has been flawless ever since. Kim was not over the top ‘salesy’ which would have pushed us away however she had a job to do and she did it well, on our level. There was no time where Kim was not available, Sunday morning, Anzac Day (sorry Kim) right up until after settlement. Kim & Co could not have been more welcoming on our arrival to Tasmania… With our ‘Tassie Survival Kit’ which made our trip so easy, to our ‘hope you get home safely message’ upon our departure. Kim even dropped by for two quick visits while we were there and with her own busy lifestyle, we could not appreciate her more… Thank you Kim (&Co), I am sure you will not see the end of us! (in a good way)


-Erin Paul & Ionie Leahy

A job well done