When interviewing agents to sell my property I found Kelly Fall to be the standout and now that the house is sold I am extremely pleased with my decision.

Kelly Fall provided flawless service and was exceptional at keeping me informed at every stage of the process (which helped me stay calm). I was very nervous about the sale, however, in Kelly’s capable hands there was nothing to fear. Kelly’s comprehensive sales and marketing strategy, combined with her excellent sales skills resulted in the property attracting many offers within the first few days of listing. I was thrilled with the response and the offers presented.

I want to thank Kelly Fall for all of her hard work in achieving such a great result in such a short time period. Whilst I was confident that Kelly was the best person for the job, I would never have expected the property listed on Wednesday and for it to be under offer by that Saturday. I had very high expectations and Kelly surpassed them all, leaving me quite speechless.

If you are looking for a hardworking trustworthy agent with professionalism, combined with excellent marketing and communication skills look no further than Kelly Fall.


-Ms Jay

I had very high expectations and Kelly surpassed them all