This letter is a commendation of the character and services provided by Tania French at Fall Real Estate, who acted as Property Manager for my Howrah dwelling from July 2014 until April 2018. For the entirety of this period Tania and her team acted with diligence, consideration and timeous efficiency. Periods of vacancy during this time were very brief as Tania always found excellent, respectful and long-term tenants within a short space of time. Her experience and consideration were especially appreciated when decisions needed to be made regarding the maintenance of the property, both immediate and long-term. Tania always communicated with professionalism and candour and I always felt that Tania and her team were prepared to go the extra mile to assist me and ensure the efficient administration of the property. In short, I felt as though Tania was looking after the property as if it were her own and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking the services of a Property Manager.


-James Klumpes

I would recommend Tania French to look after your property