I thought it was appropriate to write a short note to thank you for your wonderful efforts in securing the sale of my home at 1 Lord Street, Sandy Bay.

When I decided to list my property for sale late last year it was important to me to not only have the best possible presentation, but to also ensure I had the best possible agent to present my home in its most favourable light.

My choice of agent was not an ad hoc or flippant decision. I chose to interview one agent from each of three agencies with excellent reputations in the sale of premium properties. Once I met you it really was clear to me that you were the person I needed to sell my home. You were professional and friendly and you made a point of following up after we met. I must confess from the personality point of view, you were a standout. I also liked the fact that you followed up with a nice card thanking me for my time and offering to be of further assistance if required. There were no pushy phone calls asking “Have you decided yet”. Once you returned to meet with my husband, he was quick to agree “Yes this is the right agent for us”.

I have to admit that I have bought and sold more properties than I care to mention over the past ten years. Accordingly, I am well aware that choosing the right agent is only the first step. Too many agents drop the bundle once they have “the listing”. You however worked closely with me at all times and ensured at all times you acted first and foremost in our interests as the vendors. I particularly liked the way that you understood my desire to have everything perfect from the photos, the presentation and the wording of the advertisements. I have found previously that some agents, particularly men, have considered these issues to be unimportant and unlikely to affect the sale of the home. You always understood that to achieve the best possible price we needed to put in the best possible effort.

Selling a home during the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression is a challenging and stressful task. In my case, the stress was compounded by trying to maintain a pristine home while caring for two young boys. At the time my husband had already commenced work interstate. At times I got a little heated. You however remained calm and charming and helped me to understand that it was important to remain professional regardless of the behaviour of some prospective purchasers. However you always supported me in my refusal to negotiate like a distressed vendor. Other agents care first and foremost about the sale and show little regard for the price the vendor is trying to achieve. Thank you for smoothing the way Anna, I couldn’t have done it without you.

I would like you to know that I am very happy to have met you and to have engaged you to sell my home.


-Sandy Horwood

The right agent agent for us